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Acrylic nail powder and CA glue as filler?

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I just watched Paul Budzik's video on using acrylic dental powder. Looks to be great stuff, but I can't find that specific type anywhere. One of the comments that was posted suggested using acrylic nail powder as an alternative. Just curious if anyone has used this before as a filler. Can you mix it with CA and get the same results? Thanks.

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Talc powder works perfectly and is easily and cheaply available in most supermarkets (baby powder), so unless the acrylic dental power has some special property I don't think it is worth the expense - am I missing something?


Try the talc method first, you've nothing to lose





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I have successfully used acrylic nail powder and the matching liquid from the beauty supply store to replace all of the fuselage side windows on the Revell C-54 using the procedures the the Budzik video explains.  When mixed together the compound fills the window opening well and no other glue is needed.  I also used the mixture to close some of the window openings that were not needed.  Once dry it can be sanded and polished to represent a clear window but the working time to mix and place the stuff is rather short.  Once dried you can prime and paint and also scribe a line if done carefully.  My guess is that it is softer than using CA once it has cured.

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