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The new block was cut along the horizontal separation line and the lower piece glued to the main cabin section. The firewall brass template was then screwed to the front and this lower part sanded. This includes a slight taper inwards towards the firewall. The upper part of this block was rough cut for the windscreen angle.




The windscreen section was then glued to the main cabin window section ready for shaping. In order to get the fuselage shape right ahead of the glazing, the cabin piece was attached up against the firewall for sanding. A spacer at the back kept it against the firewall and it was screwed through the brass templates from both ends.



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Once the windscreen was sanded, a small piece was cut for the section between the firewall and the start of the screen. This was cyanoed to the brass template to hold it still and it was then sanded to match the firewall.




The horizontal break line between the upper and lower cabin area was then covered in Sellotape as a glue barrier, the spacer and main cabin fitted together and a little thin cyano run into the joint to glue them together. This now just needs a little filling and sanding for the fairing that blends the fuselage into the screen.



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Can you tell what it is yet? I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far. It's not been particularly difficult so far, just tricky working with quite small parts and sub-millimetre tolerances. The cabin roof will need sanding for the centre wing section. I'll probably make the centre section as a seeparate part, rather than it being part of the cabin casting. So that and the tail cone next and that will be the basic fuselage structure done!






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