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There's been a pause on this project due to some necessary house repairs, but I got back to the project late morning today. The task for today was the cabin windows. For this I planned to cut them out of very thin styrene which would then be glued to the side of the modelboard cabin section. Two over long pieces of thin styrene were cut, and cyano was applied in a tiny strip along the end of each piece. The two pieces were then pressed together until stuck. This left me with the two pieces fastened by the ends, allowing my to cut two identical parts. A print out of the windows was then attached to the plastic with double sided tape. I then sharpened the tip of my scalpel on a diamond stone before slowly starting to score around the frames, one by one.




The cabin block then had to be thinned by the thickness of the styrene so the overall width would remain correct. The block was wet sanded on some 240grit wet and dry. It is seen here being tested for thickness. On the final model, there will of course be the need to fill this seam, which will be between the normal resin fuselage and the clear resin cabin section.




It was a fiddly job but I'm pleased with the way it went. I'm back at Breighton this weekend, so will have another chance for a close look at the real Broussard.



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Posted (edited)

The window frames were glued to the cabin today and the cabin bolted back onto the rest of the fuselage to allow blending of the two parts. To do this I had to open up he holes in the underside of the cabin, and epoxy some M3 nuts into the bottom. This would allow bolts to pass through the holes still in the main part of the fuselage to hold it firmly in place for filling and sanding. There was other stuff going on today so didn't get much else done. 




Building the windscreen frames will be next around the front, and the first of the side windows needs an additional small dividing frame that runs parallel to the sloping front edge.




Since I'm back at Breighton this weekend, I'm taking the pattern along in its current state and will see if I can generate any more interest for one, assembled or in kit form.



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The fuselage top extends over the centre wing section. This required an area building up on top of the wing. Electrician's tape was used to control the area where the filler would be applied.




I also started cutting and gluing microstrip for the front framing.



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The centre frame is now glued on, but the rounded corners on the frames haven't been reproduced yet. The rear fuselage also needed building up a little to blend smoothly into the wing. The layer of filler is only around 0.5mm thick.




The filler needs a little more work yet, but I ran out of time to do much more, and wanted it presentable for the weekend event rather than plastered in unsanded filler.



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