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A-6E cockpit base colour

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Picked up one of the Hobbyboss A-6E kits, very very nice.


But (there's always a but) why, with a huge range of paints available and US Navy / Grumman aircraft being common do they insist on the cockpit colour being a 1:1 mix of Gunze C117 and white? Surely there is an out of the pot colour that serves that closely enough with all the tones, shades and varieties of greys out there, not least from the Gunze range?


What can I use from the Humbrol / Gunze / Tamiya  / Revell range, I have a lot of them and don't want to mess around mixing paints





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US jet cockpits are painted Dark Gull Grey. It often appears lighter in photographs and many people use a lighter grey color. If you use color aftermarket from Eduard then the color is WAY off, too light and too purplish blue. So if you want to be "correct" use any of the Dark Gull Greys from the available from the various paint ranges, maybe lightened a little for scale effect, if you're into that.

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