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Kinetic CF188 1/48 Production Line x4

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On these pieces thin out the green shaded area by approx 1 blade width. This will help them sit flat when glueing them on. Otherwise they will sit crooked and look "off".



Much better



NOTE: The gap drilled out to accommodate the tie down chain for engine runs: used when the engines are to be run in CLASS II aka Afterburner Run. The notch is located above the top arrow.

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MLG progress


Remove the tab in the above pic, there is no hole in the MLG to accept this tab, it will not sit well when building this up.


I was going to drill out the hole..but decided it's easier to remove the tab.

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Main Wheel Assy details.


Up close, schrader valves untrimmed to proper length. Left the schrader valve long to show the detail.






Working on leveling the aircraft now, until next time.


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18 hours ago, Colin K said:

Haven't checked in for a while.  Progress looks great, Carmen.  Hope all is well!


Thank you, appreciate the feedback. Things are well, enjoying the last few months (16 months) here. 


I did run into an issue, the connecting link is so fragile, I broke a few just through handling. That's because of my ham fisted handling skills...now I'mm trying to decide whether to cast some from resin, scratch build or just order some sprues from Kinetic. Because on on the road allot this next few months, I think I might just order some parts.



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