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1/48 Hasegawa F-14D boxing questions

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I think that Hasegawa gets you pretty close to a late Bombcat F-14D externally, if you can find one of those boxings with the BOL rails and the bomb shackles.

As far as I know, Hasegawa has never made the parts for a late rear cockpit: controlstick on the side, large square display and that thingie on the RIO's coaming (which I think was GPS holder).


Cheers, Stefan.  

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Your best bet is if you are building a D out of the box easily grab a Black Box Bombcat resin set which has all the BOL rails, Lantrin plyon and pod, PTID screen, bomb racks, and resin phoenix pallets with the BRU-32's, and GPS dome.  Also that resin set comes with the LTS "Laser Targeting System" joystick that goes on the left console of the RIO area about half way down. 


You can also grab the Wolfpack set which I do not know if it has the PTID, GPS, or other items. 


I would go for the Wolfpack or Blackbox SJU-17's if you are not using the kits seats. 


Also I do believe Darren will have just GPS domes really soon with the release of all his conversion sets for the Tamiya Tomcat that has come out, also he has bombcat items in separate sets too. 


Look forward to seeing your build. 



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I didn't take the time to peruse them, myself, but these may be helpful to compare and contrast, or see which have weapons and which don't:




This is pretty much my "go-to" site when looking for instructions. It's my starting point, anyway. :salute:

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