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1/32 trumpeter A-7E in flight

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Latest model off the bench is a 10 months long project featuring an inflight A-7E from VA-46 clansmen during Desert Storm

Model is Trumpeter with Zacto intake and canopy, a PJ pilot, Victory decals, video aviation Mk-82s and various enhancement here and there.


Wip is on my blog:


















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What a fake!!!!


Those are photos of a REAL A-7 in flight - and you have just photoshopped in the arm of the stand.......:whistle:


Seriously though - stunning build, fantastic paint job and incredible photography :worship:  :worship:


I'm off to take up a different hobby....



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Like I said before, if there wasn't an acrylic rod in the shot, I'd swear it was the real deal. This is a stellar piece of work Red Dog and you should be very proud of the end result. You attention to all the details really show thru in the pics.



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Thank you again Steve en Hooker


Glad you noticed the review Maurizio :)

some guys said that the antifire coating on the Mk-82s were a bit rough, i am an adept of increased détail in scale so i'm perfectly happy with the bombs and i look forward to using your work again in my future builds




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16 hours ago, Red Dog said:

some guys said that the antifire coating on the Mk-82s were a bit rough.


Yes, it's partly true, I've been influenced by some images where it looks like that, maybe I'll do another softer or even slick version.

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This is just a great display. If you photoshop out the stand we would all believe you took photos of a real A-7 :thumbsup::thumbsup:


I especially like the weathering on the intake. I guess we all forget that area gets dirty and should ot be pristine white. Got to remember that now after seeing yours.

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That is the most realistic model I think that I've ever seen!


Outstanding work Red Dog,..if you photoshopped the support out of the first pic, that would easily pass for the real deal.


Absolutetly brilliant!




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