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Model Master Acryl Primer - thinning and airbrush cleaning

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Hi All,


Back to the hobby after about 11 years due to some vision problems that are stabilized now and had a question about a suitable cleaner/thinner.


I know this may have been asked before in different ways and I did look but found the answers to be inconclusive in my opinion.


I have been finishing a model I started 11 years ago which required some priming and painting and below are the sequence of events :) :

-used Model master Acryl primer in my airbrush (Which came out very smooth and adhered very well to the parts)

-Did some quick flush and painted a multitude of colours after of which, some were Tamiya (with AB flushes between applications off course)

-When all was done, decided to clean the airbrush and used Windex which cleaned all the other colours but the grey primer.

-Started to progressively use other more powerful "stuff" i.e IPA, windshield washer fluid with no avail.

-Ended up doing a quick soak in Xylene, yes xylene alcohol which finally cleaned it to brand new state but in the process ate the surface of my cutting mat, distorted mu table's cover and made nice funky shapes plus the strong smell of course.

-I like the primer a lot and would like to use it but I normally use a Sparmax AB which has a few rubber rings and worried of the effect on these pieces.


Can I get recommendation for a thinner/cleaner that will not cause mass destruction, preferably a DIY/Home made as things like thinners are becoming rare and expensive here in Canada I think due to some regulations or silly things like that.


Your assistance is highly appreciated and Thank You,


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Lacquer thinner from the big box DIY stores. Windex and ammonia based products will strip away the chrome plating on the airbrush. I always finish up by spraying some distilled water through the airbrush.


I've been using LT for years and have some airbrushes that are 30 years old and still function very well. I have shot all kinds of paints through them. Regardless of the type of paint...even water based...I clean with LT.


I have NEVER found a reason to soak an airbrush in anything.

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Thanks for the reply Bob,


I actually thought about that but was concerned about the O rings with lacquer thinner eating through them. When I looked at this the answer was depending on what type of rubber the O ring is made of and there is no way for me to tell what kind it is of course.


I'll take that advice as a last resort if no one else comes back with a "safer solution".


Thanks again and much appreciated


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Try using Mr Color Thinner (its a synthetic lacquer, read: lacquer) that works great to clean up most acrylic and lacquer based paints.  I'll use it to clean out Testors Acrylic Model Master, Tamiya acrylics, Alclad, Mr Color and Mr Hobby.  About the only thing it ends up "gumming up" are Vallejo Paints (just use their thinner and water for clean up if thats what you use).

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