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Boeing 767-300 Omni Air colors

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I am trying to nail the colors on an Omni Air 767 and I am having issues with a few of the colors. I think I have the Ruby Mica color, or something close.


One is the Silver Mica on the fuselage, trying to get a good match without the metallic?


Next is the wing, that does not have Coroguard. Any idea of what colors to use on the wing (top & bottom)?

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Not sure about your question about the fuselage? Do you want to use a non-metallic colour?


Not sure if you have access to Xtracolor paints. They do a 2 part grey mica set. You can basically use any grey or silver as the base and then spray the mica treatment over the top.


The wings (and horizontal stabs and engine pylons) will be Boeing 707 Grey ( FS16516 - Voodoo grey is a good match)

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My commander flies for Omni and he is trying to get a paint sample from them but they said the fuselage color is "Silver Mica". My issue is in 1/144 scale, any metallic flakes would be way out of scale. I am looking at different silvers but looking at photos, getting a right color seems difficult. At times it looks pearl white, other angles silver........I have orderered Xtracolor from Hannants or Roll models, will look into that.


Will do the Voodoo gray on the wings.



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