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There are two approaches. You can use an image hosting service, such as postimage, imgur, google, and others to store your full-size images. You then paste an URL for the image in your post, and the site's SW will display the image for you. Alternately, you can reduce the size of the image until it fits, upload the image via the link at the bottom of the posting dialog (shown below), and the site SW will display the image for you.


The above 6.3KiB image was saved directly.


To resize the image on Windows, you can use Paint (which should be on your system), the free "resize image" app from Microsoft, ImageMagick (open source, also free), or other. I use ImageMagick on my Linux system.

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For an easy way to reduce the size I find the Snipping Tool useful, too.   View the photo on your screen fullscreen then use the snipping tool to select the whole area of the photo.  When you save that it comes to about .1 to .15mb.   Makes it quicker to upload to the photo-hosting site too.

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I think my problem is that my URL doesn't end in a JPG or some recognizable image format, I use Google, I don't know how to get Google to give me an URL that these forums will parse into a JPG preview.

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