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Northrop N-3PB Royal Air Force 330 (Norwegian) Sqn. 21


Northrop designed the N-3PB during 1939. It was a single-engine low-wing monoplane, with a pair of Edo floats attached to the wings.

The three crewmen sat in a row, with the pilot and gunner/ observer under the main canopy and the ventral gunner/ radio operator/ bombardier in a position in the lower-rear of the fuselage

No.330 (Norwegian) Squadron was an anti-submarine warfare squadron manned by Norwegian personnel


39519728024_3d9a6542f5_c.jpgN-3PB-002 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


39519723934_ab94e6980a_c.jpgN-3PB-003 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


39519721494_047e9f1e8a_c.jpgN-3PB-004 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


39519719534_8211a0860e_c.jpgN-3PB-006 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


39332894245_c6c063f8e7_c.jpgN-3PB-009 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


25359634327_a6e873ec39_c.jpgN-3PB-010 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr


39519707444_09e2a9fd39_c.jpgN-3PB-011 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr

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