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I searched my database for F-16C/D sheets with serial numbers starting with 83- or 84- (these would be Block 25s) and found quite a few:


Aeromaster 48-556

Afterburner 48-030, -050, -058, -067

Caracal 48-056

Experts Choice 48-050

Fox One 48-016

Superscale 48-278, -299, -318, -344, -406, -447, -448, -622, -696, -906, -907, -991, -1029, -1055, -1086, -1208, -1214

Speed Hunter 48-005, -013

Two Bobs 48-012, -019, -042, -084, -098, -139


This is not an all inclusive list, just sheets I know of.

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Just to add on to Habu2's very informative post some FY85 aircraft are block 25 also. last one according to F-16.net(my go to for info)and which I forgot about last night,was 85-1516 here is that website


I highly recommend you check it out they also have stuff on the F-22 and F-35....

Happy Modeling

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14 hours ago, viper730 said:

Just to add on to Habu2's very informative post some FY85 aircraft are block 25 also. 


Yes FY 85 spanned production of Blocks 25/30/32. I just did a quick search on FY 83 & 84 since they were definitely Block 25.   My database does not specify Block 25/30/32 so I didn’t include all sheets with FY 85. 


Note late production Block 15s were also FY 83 but my database specifies A/B vs C/D so the sheets I listed should be Block 25 not 15.l

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To do through research on an F-16 You really need to check out www.F-16.net 

But in simple terms the main difference is the Tail, next would be, and this is later in the A/C life, stiffener plates ...but you REALLY need to check out that site


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1 hour ago, Hornet14 said:

What are the external differences between F-16As and early Cs? Thanks for all the help guys.

Externally the tail base which is wider on the C vs. A. Overall main difference between the A and C. 

Then you later had different engine alternatives for the C: Block 25/32/42/52 have PW engines, block 30/40/50/60 have GE. 

Then there is the myriad of more suttle differences like tailplanes, antennas etc. etc. 


Check out www.F-16.net as mentioned, its endless in providing details and information and will give you many late nights of reading :thumbsup:

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This is a link to a web archive of my old website describing block differences. I wrote this 10-15 years ago but it is still relevent.  




also a review of kits and decal sheets that indicates block numbers for each serial # depicted on the sheet. Again, all sheets are 10+ years old, I stopped updating the page(s) when I lost my web host. 




My old website was the basis for most of the F-16 kit and decal info on modellingmadness   

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