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1/35 MH-65D Dolphin

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Finally decided to start tackling this beast of a kit. I was ecstatic that trumpeter brought a large scale kit of my Eurotrash helo to the market, but truth be told the razor saw will be getting a workout on this one. In the future i think I'll avoid subjects that I'm this familiar with, lots of little stuff that is driving me crazy. Expect slow progress on this build as I'm transferring this summer, but the planned end game will be depicting 6573 out of AIRSTA Borinquen with blades folded as she would deployed to the back of a cutter. Yeah, theres going to be a bit of scratch building going on.


Anyway, progress so far, starting inside...


Pretty much the entire aft cabin area, from the 9 degree frame back is going to need some work.




The baggage compartment deck needs to be relocated (top of the main wheels wells is the baggage compartment deck), and the aft cabin deck is inclined up a few degrees between stations 3205 and 4630.



The avionics rack circuit breaker panel is absent in the kit, and the upper av-rack panel needs to stick out quite a bit more



Center console? Yeah easier just to slice and dice it up to correct all the proportions, and add in the pilots aft circuit breaker panel. Oh, and fill and rescribe all of the floor board panel lines



Baggage compartment roughed in all the way back to station 6630, wire bundle cover just forward of sta 4630 added.



And after a quick shot of medium gray, its starting to look a lot more like an H65


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Nice start on the helo. Sometimes we helo crew get crazy on our models because of all the details that are missing. (I'm a former UH-60 crew dog)

It's a severe case of AMS when we build models of what we crewed on!



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Progressing slowly on the interior still


Panel starting to come to life with the addition of some Airscale cockpit instruments. Pilots NR gauge was a bit undersized, so that got drilled out and still has to be back filled a bit before a decal is applied



Center console surgery is complete. Added in the nose wheel lock, parking brake, and cargo hook emergency release handles.



A little bit of work to the crew seats





And finally, decided to start on the cowlings while glue, paint, decals, and putty were drying on other sub-assemblies


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I'm watching closely, I want to do this same project in 48th...a new kit in either scale would be nice...



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Great start, but the pictures in your Monday 12:41PM post won't download. Thanks.


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