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The next batch of releases include a few that you have been waiting for a long time :


CD32023: 1/32 RCAF Bae Hawk retro-Lancaster scheme 

CD72059:  1/72 F9F8-T / TF-9J Cougar

CD48082:  1/48 T-34A/B Mentor

CD48086:  1/48 T-34A Mentor International

CD48111:  1/48 FB-111A "Dark Varks"

CD48128:  1/48 F-100 in Vietnam - Part 2

CD144005:  1/144 B-52H Stratofortress

CD144010:  1/144 EC-121 Warning Star


Plus re-prints of:

CD144006:  1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

CD144008:  1/144 C-5A Galaxy

CD72055:  1/72 P2V Neptune - Part 1

CD72057:  1/72 P2V Neptune - Part 2

CD48046:  1/48 USAF/VNAF A-1E Skyraider


It should be a busy month. I will try to bring another, smaller batch of releases in the summer with many long-awaited goodies like the KC-135A/E, SR-71 etc.

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1 hour ago, Adam Baker said:

Any idea when the C-2A 48012 sheet will work it's way in? 

I had intended to reprint them this month. but the C-5 sheets sold out far sooner than expected. Since the kit is still new and there is lots of demand, I had to divert funds to reprinting the C-5 sheets - sorry. The C-2 sheet will definitely be the next reprint I will be doing.

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Well, when the number reached 111; I thought it was a good time to finally build up the motivation to finish the FB-111 sheet. The persistence and reference help of various folks on this thread helped greatly.


The profiles are usually the last things I do in my design flow - I will make sure you see all the profiles before I send everything to the printers, hopefully very soon.

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Added CD48086 (T-34 International).  I doubt the instruction sheets will be ready by the end of April, so I changed the title to May releases. 


With 8 brand new sheets and 5 reprints, it will certainly be an interesting month. I am already preparing a similarly large batch of releases for August.


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7 hours ago, strikeeagle801 said:

Still planning on doing F-117's in 1/48 this summer? 




It is still on the schedule, don't know if I can finish it on time for the next two batches of releases or not.

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