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eBay policy stupidity

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I seriously don't know why I still use eBay.


I've been using it lately and I have been doing well. I hadn't used it for a sale since 2016. I've been selling on eBay.ca. for the last two months shipping worldwide. All positive feedback, all but one with tracking and insurance. I've made about 60 sales in the last month.


Last weekend I accidentally listed on eBay.com. I sold a kit for $235.00.  And then I noticed a hold on the funds. I called PayPal to ask why, they said eBay enforced it, they have no idea the reason. So I called eBay. They said it was because my eBay.com account hasn't been active since 2016. They are treating me as a new account with a 30 day hold on funds. WTF? The accounts are linked.


Prior to this I was getting instant payments. Now all my US sales are on a 30 day hold, regardless that the remainder were all sold on eBay.ca.


So eBay expects me to ship expensive items with a hold on the funds.


I quit in 2016 for a reason, other stupid policies. I told them the same this time.

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From a users standpoint, just this a.m. I got an email for a search I've been following.  It was for a Milwaukee M18 Impact wrench that normally sells for $220 listed at BIN for $88 CA or $69 US.  I clicked on BIN.  I knew it was too good to be true, but I took a chance.  It was the US website, but CA currency conversion, figured it was someone like you.   Lives across the boarder, but sells in the States.  They also shipped from a US address.  I looked at feedback, and they haven't been active until this morning for over a year. 


I contacted eBay around 11 a.m..  While I was doing the online chat, the auction was pulled and I got a refund notice that this persons account was hacked by a third party.  If the funds were immediately transferred, eBay would have been out $1700 with the amount sold in a few hours.


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