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Help with TPS colours on topgun jet

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Hi just looking for a little help with what the colours are here as it is a weathered and retouched TPS scheme on 114 used as Mavericks jet in topgun. From the photo is the part highlighted in green and left hand side of yellow light or dark ghost grey?? 


Its a bit confusing because with the part highlighted in yellow there is a demarcation line but the colour to the right of the line isnt quite medium grey but looks maybe too dark for dark ghost grey. 


Lastly are the touchups highlighted in red light ghost grey  or dark ghost grey too??


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You're looking at a post 6 month cruise jet that is having it's canopy and forward fuselage repainted daily for the movie with modex and names on top of that. The red area touchups are in dark ghost gray. You can see the medium gray on the spine and top of the body below the walkways. The  walkways are in light gull gray. The side of the fuselage is a mix of mostly dark ghost gray from the jet before the movie and the daily paint over during production. They very likely could have mixed in light ghost gray, or most likely sanded down the top layer. You can't keep piling layers of paint on the jet. I would say the lighter areas are most likely the top layer of Dark Ghost Gray being sanded down in places. You can see the RIO ejection triangle is mostly sanded away. And if you look around the canopy names, they were changing those in some cases between each flight. The art department did a big job and the production tried to keep continuity in the filming. Use Mav's jet for Mav scenes, Icemans marked jet for their scenes. But in editing it all went out the window, and they used whatever piece of film fit the scene. Tony Scott said that they used almost every single usable frame in the movie. There wasn't more than seconds of film left on the cutting room floor. As a cool bit of continued use, The flight footage was reused for the Kevin Costner film Revenge. And there are a few shots not seen in Top Gun, that are seen at the beginning of that movie.


Honestly, I would paint the jet in regular TPS and the weather the snot out of it. And use Dark ghost gray on top of the medium gray for those weathered/replacement panels.

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