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LF: Fujimi 1:72 Phantom FG.1 AA&EE 25th Anniversary

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Not sure if you are aware......it may now be better to acquire the brand new Airfix 1:72 Phantom FG.1 kit and the Xtradecal aftermarket decal set (X72296) which has full markings for the RIAT 25th Anniversary jet. The latter wiil, for sure, be better than the kit decals being of the superior silkscreen variety. You would need to source the revised nose radome but I'm sure some enterprising aftermarket company is already looking at producing a resin replacement for the Airfix kit.



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Thanks for that comment.  Yes. I had considered that eventuality.  I had the Fujimi kit in question, purchased it in Japan in the mid-90s, but traded it a few years ago in a fit of insanity.  I have seen and read both in-box and initial build reviews of the new Airfix Phantom FG.1 kit, which are very favorable.  It is a much more detailed and complicated build than the older Fujimi kit.   I have also seen the slew of new Xtradecal 1/72 British Phantom decal offerings. 


It all boils down to a question of value: accuracy versus cost.  I am not that terrific a modeler; "good" or "decent," but definitely not "pro."  So the Fijimi kit is "good enough," whereas the Airfix one may be "too much" detail and suffer the ignoble fate of frustrating incompletion on my work bench.  I do like the multiple options of the Airfix kit: aircraft pose, weapons fit, wing fold, etc..., that is a big plus.  


Then there is the cost.  Right now, the Airfix kit plus Xtradecal decals will run ~ $52 with cheapest shipping.  If I can score a Fujimi kit for ~ $20-$25 with shipping, then I am that much further ahead.  Oh BTW, the Fujimi kit has the resin nose radome for XT597 included.  If I purchase the Airfix kit, I would have to track down the old Flightpath resin radome, which will add both to cost and time.  So, if someone is willing to part with their Fujimi #34001 1/72 Phantom FG.1 kit, I would really appreciate it.




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