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Hi Folks:


Need advice...I live in a condo and need an airbrush compressor that is quiet.  It needs to be portable, have an air storage tank and easily adjustable pressure gauge.  Price below $400.00.  Please provide suggestions.




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That thing is not quiet. For $400 he can do much better than that. I have a Silair 15 i think it is and it is QUIET. When i say quiet i mean you have a hard time telling if it runs or not even when flipping the switch. Something like your fridge quiet or maybe even more quiet. The only drawback is that it has a very small airtank (1.5 liter i think) A year back there was a thread here about a "cheap"  knock off of the Sil Air 15 from California around $200 and it was pretty much the same thing just without the "suitcase" look. I remember it sold well. In my part of the world it is called "HANSA" but i understand they are the same SIL AIR just with a different name. This one is pretty much what i have.




Many times buying a used one seem to be the best way to get a quality compressor without having to dish out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If you want these quality compressors with the big round tanks, that`s when you really need to pay up....unless if you`re buying a used one. 




Here`s the thread i was thinking about. Seems it sold out though :(



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1 hour ago, Ichitoe said:

Take a look at California Air compressors. The wife has been very happy with the one I got. 


That`s the knock off i was on about in the last link. Seems they sold out for the time being though.

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I just had to replace my nearly 25 year old Badger "Silentaire". That thing just hummed but required oil and was not maintenance free. I ended up with a $200 Badger that is 3x a loud, (not bad though) and seems to work for now. If I had the coin to throw down I would probably buy a Sparmax or Iwata.

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I have an Iwata Sprint Jet (bought in 2012):



Odd question, but is this known to be a quiet compressor? I remember reading something to that effect, but it has never felt particularly quiet. Anybody who has used multiple including the SJ and comment? I am excluding silent air tanks from this discussion. 

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If you have access to have refilled or swapped you may want to look at a CO2 setup. Zero noise and very portable when using a 5 or 10lb tank. Also no risk of moister buildup anywhere. 


I have a 5lb tank and do mostly 48th modern. I can get 3 models or so out of the tank including cleaning the brush 


investment would be the tank, a pressure gauge and whatever you need to attach the airbrush to the regulator.  


Home brew stores, fire extinguisher places  or welding supply are all good sources 


initial start should be less than 200


just a thought. 


Good luck 

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1 hour ago, viper730 said:

I saw this 59db Hitachi  there also and the price 129.00 and  here is a video you can watch 



That is loud. The Badger ASPIRE 910 is much quieter, but much louder than my old Badger Silentaire. That thing would make a humming noise. I miss it.......

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I think this one will be hard to beat: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Airbrush-Model-TC-40T-Single-Piston/dp/B00WBT7PTW/ref=pd_cp_201_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00WBT7PTW&pd_rd_r=Q0EBG08D1W0QB5BANTKN&pd_rd_w=6chUa&pd_rd_wg=Gh0QP&psc=1&refRID=Q0EBG08D1W0QB5BANTKN

47db and $120


I could also recommend Aztek AC500 which I have been using for about 15 years but it is way more expensive and has less features.

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