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The Latest from Wolfpak Decals

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Here are the latest from Wolfpak.


Sheet 72-114 Star Fighters


First up is a F-104S from the Italian Air Force late in the paint scheme that they would retire in.  Their are two marking options.  The FJ-2 is from the Columbus NAS and is in the orange and white scheme of that period.  From one of our own here at ARC "Gene K's" jet when he was commander of the 25th TFS at Suwon.  The Happy Hooligans always make for good subjects and here are a MQ-1 Predator and a MQ-9 Reaper of this unit.

The next subject is a B-26C from SAC.  It has the original winged star SAC shield that was used prior to the introduction of the infamous mailed fist shield.  The round out this sheet a SAC C-119 from the 28th BW.


Sheet 72-115 The Searchers


Leading off this sheet is an OV-10A from the training unit at Patrick AFB with  maroon checkers on the outsides of the rudders.  It is followed by a F-15E  from the 389th FS.  As you can see by the number of mission marks the unit was busy during this particular deployment.  The next subject is a HIAC equipped RF-4C based at Kadena but photographed at Taegu.  There have been several manufacturers of the 1/72 HIAC pod used to complete this model.  An A-29 Super Tucano of the Afghan Air Force follows.  Finally the option of doing one of two versions of the B-50. The first is a RB-50F photomapping aircraft and the second is a weather reconnaissance WB-50D.  Mike West at Lonestar Models did the sampler doghouse on top of the fuselage and  still has the masters so if you would like a copy of it I suggest you contact him.  Both sheets should be available in a couple of weeks.








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