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Modelcollect B-2 Spirit 1:72 Help and advice

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I’m just about to embark on a build of the Modelcollect 1:72 B-2 Spirit which will probably be the most difficult model I’ll build to date, not necessarily in terms of the actual construction because I will be displaying it gear up in-flight as I don’t think anything can beat the lines, shape and sleekness of the B-2 when in-flight. The difficulty for me will be more so in terms of finish, paint, decals… Likewise I’ve got quite a few questions regarding these areas so I’d really appreciate any info and advice that some of you Modelling pros could possibly pass on.


I’ve got questions regarding the specific look, surfaces and finish on the B-2



Firstly -

Decals on the B-2: The majority of the decals on the B-2 are long thin walkways which are relatively new to me, having mainly built WWII aircraft over the past decade which primarily consist of roundels and digits. However, the last build I did was the Revell 1/144 Globemaster which was probably the best model I’ve built, the long thin decals were tricky but I got there so I think I can do it again with the B-2 but there will be more of them and they’ll be much bigger. SO any tips and tricks on how to apply long thin decals(Walkways and panel line markings) would be greatly appreciated. 


Engine Exhaust Metal

The Engine Exhausts on the B-2 are quite a stand out feature, they are very jet washed, stained and metallic looking. Which in comparison to the rest of the aircraft is a big contrast. How do I achieve a realistic looking finish on the exhausts? If you have a look on google images on the B-2 there are plenty of photos showing the coloration, finish and jet or fuel washed effect the exhausts have. How would I achieve this finish with brushes?


Paint: Stealth panels and shapes

The B-2 has various different angular and triangular like shapes on the surface that are either a lighter shade of the base aircraft colour or a darker shade, I’ve looked at a lot of photos of the B-2 and on some of the aircraft these panels are quite consistent with each other in terms of shape, size, position, shade of grey. However, they’re also seems to be quite a lot of inconsistency, on some aircraft these stealth panels are a lighter shade of grey than the base colour and on some it’s darker. I think this is up to me to decide as it won’t really make much difference, however either way it will require a lot of masking! Which I’m happy and confident in doing it will just take a while. SO anybody who’s built a 1:72 B-2, what would you recommend for this part? (Masking, panel shapes, shades, painting)


Just to follow on - PAINT COLOUR - What paint colour should I use? I’ve read the base should be Humbrol 125 but then what about the lighter/darker shade of the panels? As the B-2 has a bit of a strange finish, it looks matt but then in the light it’s also quite shiny/reflective. Look at the photos. Some large sections on the wing are also more worn/faded than others. I fund that on the C-17 build I did when I used a rubber to gently rub along the panel lines it gives a bit of a faded surface look. Is this just me? I think I will use FS36118(Humbrol 125) as that's what everybody says but I'm not sure what colour to paint the panels. 


Sorry, I've asked a lot, it's going to be a big and challenging model. 

I really appreciate everyones time to read this and any info and help would be great. 

Thanks very much

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