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Prices do not include shipping, and I'd recommend keeping this in the USA because of shipping costs.  However, if you really want a kit and are willing to pay for the outrageous shipping charges, we can talk.  Payment can be via PayPal--friends and family is appreciated but not expected or required.  Money orders will also work.  Because it's a purge, no trades at this time.


If you think that prices are unreasonable, feel free to make an offer.  The worst that can happen is that I say no.  :D



---1/24 SCALE KITS---

Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib bubbletop 19002 -- $115



---1/32 SCALE KITS---

Trumpeter MiG-23MF Flogger B 03209 -- $68
WingNut Wings Felixstowe F.2a Early 32050 -- $200
---1/48 SCALE KITS---
Great Wall Hobby MiG-29 Fulcrum early 4814 -- $55
1/72 Revell of Germany U-Boat Type IXc 80-5114 -- $75
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Funny that you'd ask this question.  I had another gentleman ask about shipping to Canada and here is my response to him.  The shipping cost to you is exactly the same as what I quoted him in this response:


There are limited options available for sending the kit to Canada, especially since there's lots of plastic in the box.  In this particular case, the weight of the kit is driving up the price significantly.  5 pounds mailed to Canada is $49.70 (Priority Mail International).  That's the cheapest available option on the usps.com website.  I tried calculating the cost by plugging in the size of the box as if I simply wrapped the kit box in brown paper and the cost stayed the same.  So, in this case, weight is more of an issue as opposed to the dimensions of the shipping box.


I'm not an expert in shipping to Canada, but I've done quite a bit of shipping and am pretty good at navigating the usps website.  If others can help me with suggestions on how to reduce shipping costs, I'm all ears!!!


Sorry I don't have better news for you.  About the only other suggestion I could make is to see if there's someone on the USA side of the border who could receive the kit and allow you to pick it up personally from them.

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Does it have to be priority shipping? I don’t know the UPS system, nut in the reverse direction from Canada to US I have several options.


Priority Express is the most expensive, but still much cheaper then what you quote.


I usually ship small package air, without tracking. Which is $10.92 anywhere in the US. Tracking is another $6.00. And this is Canadian $, so about 40% less in US dollars.


I can get large heavy shipments from Sprue Brothers for $20.00. He used to ship at the same rates as US sellers but he has found some way to do it.



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I just checked at Sprue Brothers to my address, it is $52.75 shipping.


I think you found the best price then. Still, at that cost the combined amount is the same as picking it up at Sprue Brothers  before shipping. So it is still a bargain to buy from you.

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Thanks for the comments.  I know that many of our Canadian friends have been frustrated by the expense of mailing across a friendly border.  I wish I knew of some way to ship less expensively, but I'm constrained by the methods that the USPS will allow.


My guess is that there's less impact when the weight or dimensions are less...once we start looking at larger box dimensions or increased weight (the issue in this particular case), the prices go quite nutty.


Again, if anyone knows methods that will allow a lower expense, please share!!!

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19 minutes ago, Helmsman said:

Fedex is a bit cheaper but I afraid customs brokerage fees on Canadian size will kill the difference.


There are no brokerage fees on hobby items by Canada Customs.


Yes FEDEX and eBay shipping charges them, they are fees that go directly to those organizations.


USPS doesn’t collect them. Nor should they. One occasion Canada Customs charged me a fee, I fought it and won. I knew the rules in regards to hobby imports and NAFTA. Those items were exempt.

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