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Calling Formula 1 fan Bigassham . Rise up F1 Fans

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I know you follow F1 from my previous user name antics. I Just watched Qualifying from Bahrain and maybe you can comment on this. The new race announcers that have replaced Diffey, Hobbs, Matchett, and Buxton totally suck. Why ESPN has decided to go with the World feed and get these scabs that sounds like they have a mouthful of some type of balls is beyond me. The NBC/FOX

team was great and you could clearly understand them and they added so much color and honest opinion. I can't understand a word this new bunch says. They sound like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert!

I thought it was a mistake at Australia when the old crew wasn't there but now I see this is their first string  Who do I call to vent my pain?


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well.  I  just started watching a dvr copy of the spanish gp fp2.  What a joke.


It seems espn hasn't paid their bill to sky sports.  there isn't any commentator audio!  there are interviews, but no audio from the interviews!


Yes a complete joke.  


i do miss the old crew from nbcsn.  


This is bad enough to make me not watch any other up and coming events.

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Yes, I am close to giving up on it. I have quit on over motor sports mainly because of rule changes I didn't care for. NHRA's 1000 ' rule. Indy Cars spec cars and the list goeson.

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   I haven't been able to watch a single F1 race this season as the new announcer are horrendous compared to the old crew.  As you stated you can't understand hardly a word that they're saying, which makes it all that much more difficult to try and follow the race. And the camera feeds are just as bad. So, I've just about given up trying to watch F1 racing until they make the needed corrections for us US based fans.


 On the other hand, the Indy Car series is the exact opposite, and a joy to watch. Which is a good thing since I've been a fan since the Champ car days. 



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