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1/24 Kinetic P-47 Razorback

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I've been trying to finish this kit up and managed to finish enough of it up for a show this weekend.  Prior to the show though I noticed that something looked off to me and found that the rear fuselage has a twist to it and each the stabilizers are off by...1/4 of an inch.


At first I was trying to scramble to find out why and what I might have done to cause this.  I checked the wingtip heights off the ground, they are only off by about 1/16" (within my acceptable margins in the scale).  Then I saw that the tail is over slightly as well and figured it was a previously unseen warp.


Has anybody else seen this in their builds and B) any solutions for a nearly finished build that won't set everything back?






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Recently I was given a small education on the plastic that is used in model kits. I think we have all noticed subtle differences in material that we have worked with. This nameless source states that some companies use a recycled matrix that is given little thought as it leaves the factory floor. That P-47 has issues that are not your fault and I can quess that it was quite expensive, so we must be wary. Nice build by the way. Sorry I got caught up in one of my pet peeves.

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The tail should be vertical and its longitudinal axis offset to the left by a degree or two to counteract engine torque. This can be plainly seen on Revell's 1:32 F4U Corsair and Trumpeter's Skyraider. The Mustang's tail is something like 1.5 degrees offset.


 Sadly, I have nothing to offer regarding a fix. You're too far along for my only method.

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 I have run across this on a 1/72  scale Westland Whirlwind as I was taking the final pictures . 


 The Special Hobby plastic is soft but I could not find any other problems .  Unfortunately for this build, it was too late.


 Cheers, Christian 

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