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5 hours ago, Whiskey said:

Perfect idea for listing what's actually needed Janissary. 👍


Thank you. However, mine was more of a question, as I am unsure if my assertion is correct or not. Since we have moved over to a new page, let me paste my question below in hopes that somebody can confirm or correct what I think:


So to all the experts, is the following correct?


6 hours ago, Janissary said:

This question may have been discussed above and elsewhere, but wanted to confirm to be sure.


Tamiya F-14A sprues: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tam/kit_tam_61114.shtml


Tamiya F-14D sprues: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tam/kit_tam_61118.shtml

True or False: You can make a late F-14A from 1/48 Tamiya F-14D with the following:


-    Get “Sprue K” from the A kit (engine cans and nozzles): https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tam/pages/tam_61114_parts4.shtml


-    Get aftermarket GRU-7(A) seats


-    Get ECM blisters under the glove vanes (Steel beach)


-    Get TCS chin pod (Quickboost)


Everything else for a late A (boat tail ECM, NACA vents, tail L-braces, late wheels, BOL rails, antennas on the spine, cockpit panels) is already included in the D boxing.

If this is wrong, what is the best way for a late A (aside from the Steel beach conversion set, I think)?  


Thank you. 

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The Tamiya F-14D kit, Steel Beach F-14B conversion, and Tamiya F-14A Sprue K are all that's required for a late A. I am hoping to hear from Tamiya Customer Service soon about when they have Sprue K back in stock.


I wish there was a set of aftermarket TF30 shrouds to go with the aftermarket TF30 nozzles. Would be easier than trying to get them directly from Tamiya.


I am pretty sure Tamiya is going to release an F-14B/Late A kit next year. They already have the combinations of parts required. It's just a matter of mixing the right sprues in a box. I hope they leave the TF30 parts in with the GEs, but any certainty I have in this prediction is just based on the existing kits and rates of release.

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