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How to clean inside airbrush behind cup.

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After not painting for a month, (too cold), it started warming up again. When I tried painting, I found the needle wouldn't move. 


After further inspection, I found that the needle was effectively glued to the inside of the "barrel" of the airbrush. 

I had to pull the needle out with quite a bit of force, pushing it forward a few mm before pulling it back a few mm, then push it forward a few mm and back a few mm before it popped out. I'm unsure if this caused damage to the airbrush. 


But I found dried paint caked on the portion of the needle that rested behind the paint cup. (Where I'm pointing)




I've did my best to clean that area out, using a pippette to push cleaning fluid up that channel with the needle removed, but it still got caked with paint. How do you guys clean your airbrush to get all the paint out of that barrel behind the feeding cup?


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You shouldn't be getting paint there from just the normal operation of the brush. You are probably introducing paint there by pulling the needle out through the rear when you clean the airbrush. This not only puts paint in a hard-to-clean place, but it might eventually get in the air valve, which is tricky to disassemble and clean (or, more accurately, easy to disassemble and clean and a pain to put back together). I always remove the nozzle and push the needle forward when I clean.


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Don't know where you are located (country wise), but Model Paint Solutions sells a 6 piece airbrush cleaning kit that has some very thin brushes that fit down the small channel that the needle runs through. I recently bought this set and used the smallest brush to clean the channel in my H&S Infinity. Worked like a charm. Here's a link:



I have no connection with Model Paint Solutions. I am just one very satisfied customer.

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There is a channel between the cup and the needle seal where paint can collect over time.  You can see a sketch on this page.  If you use an interdental brush like this you can clean it out from the cup.




It only takes a second and it's a good idea to do it each time you clean.

Yanking a stuck needle is a bad idea.  You may have damaged the needle seal which can result in a leak into the rear of the brush.  If you pull the needle and wipe it each cleaning it won't get stuck.  The best solution for a stuck needle is to remove the head and nozzle, put a few drops of lacquer thinner or acetone in the needle channel, let it soak for a few seconds and then try pushing the needle forward.



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