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I am looking for a 1/72 Fujimi A-4 Skyhawk parts kit.  

All I really need are the leading edge slats and the cokcpit parts.  Since I am attempting to use Fujimi Wings on a  ESCI kit I have in the stash....which surprising mate up rather well!?!!?

This is an experiment since I hear that the ESCI Fuselage  (for an E at least) seems to be more accurate than the Fujimi kit??

I can buy or trade either a full kit or parts??

Email me directly:  scorvi@verizon.net


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On 4/17/2018 at 12:14 AM, farmerboy said:

I have a A-4f/TA-4J, missing one of the stabs, the straight refueling probe as well as one of the single seat canopy

Hi there 


I wonder if you have a extra pair of intakes coming from same kit



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10 hours ago, farmerboy said:

Ye I do

Well Farmerboy

Can we agree some trade for those extra Skyhawks intakes as I need them to complete one kit, I mean I need them to complete in 1/72 scale





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