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GWH 1/48 Su-35SK "Flanker E" PLAAF 6th Brigade

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Hi mates


So long time no WIP thread since the ICM MiG-25RBT (yes I will finish it since I've got myself the amazing Amigo model resin nozzles), I'd like to start this thread to build a kit which was researched/designed by myself, as one of the development team members together with Gabor.


This is the THIRD time I build this kit, but the first time to paint it.

And I will build it as a modeller, not a developer to show all the tips you need to pay attention ahead, to make your all building much easier and more straight forward.


Here we go with the upper fuselage part A3.

First you need to add some putty to the 2 sides of nose where slight shrinkage could be found, because of the thick plastic with install pin holes there.

Mask the rivets/details around to protect surrounded details from sending.



The camera alike thing needs to be added since front part was obmit due to injection mold limitation.



The rear edge of wings is way too thick.

Be sure to thin it.


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Now we are meeting the most headache part in the whole built.

The nozzle padel ring part F2 is too big to meet the engine pods.


I have no idea why this happened since I had no problem when assembling T1 version.

I guess the tool factory added more details which increased the F2 part diameter.


But of course it is NOT UNBUILDABLE just with some 10 min extra work.


This is my solution.


Cut or sand the tail boom edge about 0.3mm (blue mark), both upper and lower fuselage.



Then it should be like this.

No worry about the hole here since it will be unvisible by nozzle padel part F2.

And the F2 part fits much better now.


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Now moves to lower fuselage part B3.


Some raised panels need to be added.



Drill holes ahead too.

Diameter 0.7mm for 4 holes on nose,

and 1.2mm for 6 holes on lower wings.


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Go on with nozzles.

Due to plastic part thickness, the nozzle rotation angle may not be big enough to satisfy us.


But again, it could be SOLVED with very simple work.


For part F2, sand the inner ring to decrease inner diameter.

Cut the first raised ring on part D5 too.



I also sanded the inner part of nozzle padels D10/11/12/13 so that the thickness is much improved to add sharpness.



Now the parts are so good to replicate the real AL-41F nozzles.


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Then the intake/engine pod parts H1 and H2.

Nothing special, you just need to cut the front/rear end of install pins by about 0.3mm, and the whole part will fit quite seamless with lower fuselage part B3, almost no gap.



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Next is vertical fins.


Cut the little fresh inside of part B5.



And also cut the install pin inside of part B8.



There is a WRONG recessed panel line on part B4 by careless tool cutting.

Fill and sand it to flat, add back the rivets.

The small intakes fit not too well with vertical fins.

Use putty and sand with care.



All PLAAF Su-35SK obmit the GPS antennas which are on RusAF Su-35S, so I sand the detail off and add panel lines/rivets here.

Attention: this change is ONLY for PLAAF version! Do NOT do this if you are building the Russian one.




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Then the cockpit parts.


First the K-36D-5 seat.

Sorry you have no choice since no other makers ever made this seat especially designed for Su-35 and Su-57 before, plastic or resin, so you have to use GWH plastic parts.

But it's quite OK actually with some careful cleaning work, and also add the bulge on 2 sides of headrest.



And if you prefer more fun to have the canopy swithing between open/close any time after finish, cut out the area on part C99 to avoid interfere with part C49.


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Next are weapon part.


First the L-265M10 Khibiny-M ECM pods.

The lift holes are molded all in the center of upper bulge, but actually the front lift hole is offsite to outer side.



I remade the lift holes with 0.3mm brass rod, and open hole on small intake part I2 whicn is only on left ECM pod.



There are issue with the cooperation between pylons and missiles

I have summarized my solution to simplify your built.






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Final is the canopy.


As you know in the first limit edition, you have one clear brown sprue to replicate the tint canopy.

I send Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ tint canopy part to factory as their reference to mix the right color.

But unfortunately (just as other "expected" issues), the color was too light and they started mass production before obtaining my approval to catch the schedule.


So for my own built, I decide to "tint" the canopy my self.



I also used Future wax to improve the clear parts.

Really super impressive!



I coated the canopy by Gunze Creos Mr Color GX109 clear brown.

Just Tamiya F-16 clear part sprue as the standard for color tone.





To be continued...

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I love "pathfinding" build threads where the builder gives workarounds on little issues that almost any kit have. Constructive and didactic approach. Keep up the good work Yufei !

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6 hours ago, Laurent said:

I love "pathfinding" build threads where the builder gives workarounds on little issues that almost any kit have. Constructive and didactic approach. Keep up the good work Yufei !


I agree with you! I love those pathfinding build reports too!

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Thanks Haneto! I'm in the decal stage of this model and noticed a lot of the same minor fit issues you have said. The engine  nozzle part is the biggest but like you said I sanded it and was not a big deal to fix as was the other things you pointed out.  Over all it has been a pleasure to build so far, I have 2 kits and have on order 2 more that I hope to get here soon!

su35 pt8.jpg

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I am most grateful for this build. As others have already mentioned, pointing out problem areas and showing solutions is extremely helpful. I have this thread bookmarked for future use.

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Thank you all for your encouragements guys!

Yes I know these issues should have been fixed before releasing but we have to live in a imperfect world, and we have to face the fact.

Fortunately noen of the issues is big deal so with a bit extra patience and dry fit, your build will be very much straight forward and enjoyable.


Today is the labor day, a National holiday in China so finally I found some time to update the work.


Some additional notes to vertical fin parts since some guys reported the right fin does not fit well with fuselage.

I found the mounting slice was a bit too thick which is the main reason for the problem.

Just thin 2 sides of the slice a bit and you will be happy.





The left fin meanwhile, need no extra work to fit like a glove.


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This time I also tried mini magnet to enjoy more weapon configuration in the future.

The Su-35S is a multi role fighter so most adaptors have same install structure to fit any missile pylons.


Another reason is that I'd lik to enjoy the well researchd and fine details on belly, especially on central pylon mounting points.


In order to assur enough holding strength, I added 4 magnetc per pylon.


There is no need to add magnets on weapons since almost every Russian missile has its own pylon so you cannot exchange different missiles on different pylons. 









And you can make your weapon configuration freely at any time going forward!




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