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USMC M1151 HUMVEE questions

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I have been out of armor modeling for quite a few years and have not kept up with the most up to date versions available. Hoping someone can answer a few questions about USMC M1151 HUMVEES.

I would like to get a couple of the Academy 1/35 M1151 Enhanced Armament Carriers to do two USMC versions with the Live Resin MCTAGS turrets.


Did the USMC remove the extended exhaust pipe from the M1151 while used in Iraq? I noticed that Academy didn't include it but also from the few photos I found online I didn't see the extended exhaust pipe.

I am planning to do one with the .50cal and one with the M240. Is the Academy kit the correct kit for the USMC to use with those Live Resin turrets?


These are the Live Resin turrets I am planning to use. Would these turrets work with the Academy M1151 or could I use them on the older Tamiya M1025 and or M1046?




Thanks for any help you could provide.

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