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On 9/1/2018 at 4:30 PM, chek said:

If it was a caption competition, the guy in the intake could be saying:  "If you weren't planning to hit the start button, how come you've got your ear defenders on?"


On 9/1/2018 at 3:28 PM, John Wolstenholme said:



That's the real reason they were black, so the dirt didn't show. All that RAM business was a con.

I thought the caption should be, “If you hit that start switch I’m going to thump you in the f%#cking head with this mag light”. I had that happen one time on a 16, I wasn’t happy.

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Thanks for your continued support John.


shan, not aware of any weapons bay art work post GW1, as I assume was the case with Caracal. Mind you, don’t really need any more ‘art work’ in the WB!


Thanks Steve, you put me on the right road for the GBU-27 fusing wires.


CO, thanks, going for a good WIP finale.


Matthew, I would fail to see any humour in such so called practical jokes. I believe a similar thing was done with ejection seats. Yeah real funny.


Next up is hours of masking NG and MG bays, weapons bay and cockpit, so that may not be for a while.




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Terrific result John. Making the black of a Black Jet look interesting is no easy task.


I hope you'll treat us to a full photo walkaround so we can all appreciate the work you've put into your model. 

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Very, very nice work John !! I love the RAM patches/touch-ups too, nice ! All your hard work and effort sure paid off in the end. Looking forward to the final pics.



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On 6/9/2019 at 3:41 PM, John Wolstenholme said:

 …… , this brings to an end my 117 build and a 12 year run with WIPs.


i hope you dont mean you wont post your work anymore, its one of the reasons i come here.....

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Hi John


I am trying to build my F-117 and your work was just awesome! I would like to use your work as reference to my build especially the bomb bay but I just noticed that some pics were deleted!


May I kindly ask if any chance I can retreat the pics so that I can follow the build?


Thanking advance for your kind attention and assistance.


With kind regards



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