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Heller 1:125 A380

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 Who has built this kit, and how well did it go together? Was the fit pretty good or did you have any issues? 


Thanks, Chris

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Hello Chris,


It is a nice but not well designed kit : difficult to build.

In certain areas, it is more accurate than the Revell kit (belly A/C ram air intake, wing lower skin ram air exhaust, wing lower skin reinforcement strips, wheel rims, so mostly detail stuff) but in others, it is really lacking (simplified and undefined-molded landing gears, horrible rubber tires, ugly engine intake fans, rubbish decal sheet, etc).

The rear fuselage parts 1 and 20 present a molding defect, something like a sink mark 1mm deep on a 40mm x 20mm area, all my 7 kits feature it. It is visible when the fuselage is assembled and you check the continuity of the sections. The plastic being thick, it is almost impossible to correct by bending, filling will be the way to go.

The wings are big parts unfortunately molded in a softer and thinner plastic, again all of my 7 kits wings are warped. Except a spar, I cannot see another way to guarantee the dihedral and toughness of the assembly.

The Revell kit is tempting because it is easier to build and has a sort of uniform quality feel (but not without its problems) but the Heller kit, despite needing LOTS of love, is still my favourite A380 kit.

Congrats, you actually made me want to resume my build, I stalled after assembling all fuselage sections into 2 separate halves.


Cheers !

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On ‎05‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 2:19 AM, UpperDeck said:

You're welcome.

Sorry, been out of the net. Thanks for the info. Decided not to buy that big boy.

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