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Hasegawa 1/72 F-15I RAAM

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Hi all,
This is my Hasegawa 1/72 F-15I Raam that was released years ago.

I had this stashed in the garage and finally thought I'd try building it. Unfortunately it had water damage in my garage and the decals were made unusable. Lucky there was a forum member, Model-Junkie, who had a spare set of decals!


I wanted to go for a variety of weapons load out, so I took weapons from various sources such as Hasegawa weapons kit, Dragon Warbirds JDAM, and some spare from an Academy F/A-18 kit.

I skimped on the wash of the undersides as noone is going to see it like that.

Painted with Tamiya and Gunze paints.

Not in any hurry to do another camo schemed jet after this!




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Looks great to me!  I love the asymmetrical loadouts on the Strike Eagle and derivatives!

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