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F-4E questions for experts

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Hello I would like the F-4 experts,

if the Pave Knife pod was used with the later (slated wing)  F-4E or just with the F-4C/D ?

the Pave Knife was used with what weapons (laser guided bombs, HOBOS, Bullpups) ?

I would also appreciate any foto with loaded F-4E other than the usual with Mk-82,83, etc


Thanks in advance

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A direct copy of the Wikipedia article; A dozen USAF F-4Ds of the 433d Tactical Fighter Squadron, all from Block 31, were wired for Pave Knife, a dozen of which pods were built and six deployed to Southeast Asia. Three were held in reserve and three were diverted to the U.S. Navy for use on A-6As of VA-145


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13 total F-4D's were wired. 12 operational from 443rd TFS and the test bed, 66-7693 another Block 31 F-4D at ADTC.

It was used in an asymmetric load, typically 2 tanks (centreline and starboard) with 2 paveways on stations 1 and 8 (Left outer and right inner pylons). The Pave Knife would be on station 2 (left inner pylon)

The F-4E used Pave Spike and Pave Tack instead.

Pave Tack would make for an interesting load as well, as like Pave knife, it was a bit of a monster. It was carried on the centreline pylon.

Pave Spike was much smaller than the other two and would be carried on the left forward Sparrow well.

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