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Hajo L.

M35 Guntruck in 1:72, Academy

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In our ongoing Vietnam-GB in the german modellboard.net forum I came up with a ground vehicle.


My inspiration was a chapter of Tom A. Johnsons book "To the limit", where he describes his year as a Huey-pilot in Vietnam. In this chapter his unit, the 229th of the 1st Air Cavalry Division, had just arrived in their new AO near the city of Hue, just at the days of Tet 1968...:




I used Academys excellent M35-kit and also some parts of the older Matchbox/Revell M16:








The Quad-Gun and the GI with the M79 obviously are shooting at a target, while the soldier with the M16 is securing their flank.






Whoever is receiving some "metal love" can clearly see, who´s the responsible distributor: The "Cav"!






Lots of metal!




A M551 Sheridan (Ace model) is coming for support!




This M113 is a USAF base perimeter defence as well.








Edited by Hajo L.

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14 now...:rolleyes:!


Nice little gun truck:thumbsup:. I prefer 1/35 myself but these little 1/72 and smaller armor kits look fun and they sure have come a long way since Airfix back in the day.


This one...

Image result for Vietnam Gun Truck

...is on my "to do" list for a Vietnam era gun truck.


Good job!




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