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Tupolev TU-95 Bear D -1/144 Revell.

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hi everybody.

i'm coming back not exately to business, which i never left,  but to showing it off after a very busy period together with a p.c. fatal crash.

so, i have just shown the storch i made while on a technical pause from the tu-95 project.

first out, i must say that i never afforded a masking challenge like in this build.

it looks odd for an all-metal a/c but the bulges and the radomes, as well as the props and the wings called for multiple, complex, masking. in the end there was more tape and paper than model!

the revell 1/144 kit is big, really huge to handle, and it's a...revell of germany kit. poor on many sides, first of all in parts fit. lots of filling and cutting and sanding...which i hate.

the technical break was due to the fact that although i supposed to have stocked up with enough russian paints, well, no none in the bunch seemed to me to match the landing gear blue-gray i saw in the web pictures.

i think on britmodeler it was, i heard of a model master 2123 "russian underside blue" , and watching the pics, i was immediately convinced that this was the right color. but i had to chase it on e-bay and wait for it to be delivered...

really, let me tell you: so far as i know and i have researched, there's no paint matching so well as the m.m. 2123.

point is that it has been discontinued, it's an enamel, and there's no equivalent as an acrylic paint.

nevertheless, if you're looking for the right color of the tu-95 gear, this is it. so i pinched my nose and used the nasty enamel.

indeed in this project i had to resort to enamels and lacquers, as for the wheel green i had to use the mrp lacquer paint.

both very good to shoot, but being used to water-based acrylics, stinky and a nightmare to clean airbrush and all...

back to the model itself, i left props with their hairy leading edge stripe, and the undercarriage painted and ready aside and concentrated on the fuselage and wings.

the fit of the turboprops nacelles leave a lot to be desired, and i worried that it would end up in a mess of plastic, cement and putty.

nevertheless, with the job finished i must say that they look decent.

i wondered a lot how to paint the wings leading edges, and i eventually choose the easier way: lifecolor gloss gun metal all along, and that was all.

i don't say of the masking of the radomes etc., and other details. let me just say that it was a long and patientful job.

so, here is the B-52 counterpart. a big beast, in her way fascinating, definitely the breed of a different technology and mindset.

no way: the stratofortress speaks aloud a reassuring: america!

if you want to have a look please follow this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z0OkeoDloSTvZp8u2

thanks for watching.

best ciaos, bobo.

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