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Possible piece of Zacto History?!

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So i picked up an ancient Minicraft/Hasegawa P51D kit from a local thrift store. While popping apart wings and such for cleaning and re-gluing i came across a signature inside the wing. Chris Wilson and Ross Hurt "Mustang Builders Inc." Zacto man could you add any input to this if it rings a bell. I know many years back you cleared your stash at one of the union station contests. is it possible i have come across one of your old works in a roundabout way. There were 2 fuselages in the kit one had been sanded and the fuselage seams were being filled too. one kit was silver plastic one grey. the grey one had the putty work done but the silver one had been signed.


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Wow! Flashback to my childhood! :thumbsup:


Between the ages of about 7 and 12 (when we weren't building Legos) my buddy Ross and I were building models.
We'd save our allowance, ride our bikes to the local shopping center and pick a kit we both wanted to build. We'd buy the same kit and sit on the patio for hours and hours building them together.


"Mustang Builders Inc."!!! :clap2:


You lucked out. It was rare that we didn't finish a model. The Mustangs were too important for us to just throw together and play with.
Most of our finished kits we "flew" around the neighborhood having dog-fights until pieces started breaking (flew/dog-fight = hold the model in front of your face and chase after each other making machine gun noises). Once parts started breaking they'd either get the BB-gun, stuffed with firecrackers or, for the big ones, attached to string and spun around (ala Cox U-control) opposing each other until the grand finale, a head-on collision with parts flying everywhere.


Thank you for the 40+ year flash-back Sean!



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This is awesome! I found it in a Deseret Industries Thrift store in layton. neither kit was complete but theres enough between the 2 that i can make one. This is kinda cool to find really Thanks for the confirmation man!


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Not model related but a similar story: My wife volunteers at the local library. One of the books that came in donations for the semi-annual book sale fundraiser was a kid's book, one of those "Scholastic Book Fair" books. She looked it over and inside the cover was a stick-on book plate with her niece's name on it. It was about 25 years old from 100 miles south. The next time we were down to visit she gave the book back to her niece. It was pretty funny.

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