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Top Gun 2 Production begins

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6 hours ago, Don said:

Sadly no. Those Mig-21's were only briefly used and all of them were quickly returned to the former USSR as they were causing far too much political turmoil for Canada with it's western allies...




oooooohhhh, are decals available for this RCAF Mig-21 scheme ???


Crap, should have clicked on the link first.....   :doh:


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If they are going to use the Super Hornet here's a few quotes from the original that you won't hear in TG2;


" Maverick is supersonic. I'll be there in thirty seconds. "


" I feel the need, the need for speed "



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On 6/4/2018 at 9:28 AM, echolmberg said:

I was reading something about this on the 'net last week.  The article mentioned how, back when the original movie came out, the U.S. Navy hadn't been at war for the past 20 years.  Today, the U.S. Navy has been in action for the past 20 years and now Maverick will exist in a world where Naval aviators have seen war/combat.  So basically the theme, the feel, of the movie will be made to reflect that.  


I think Darren raised a good point that I hadn't thought of before.  Will it be more of a serious movie or will it be more "campy and fun"?  On a side note, I still love the "campy and fun" Top Gun movie.  My God!  It was filled with F-14s!  What's not to love about it???




Well, it had been about 11 years - when the F-14 started its career by flying over Vietnam.  The last twenty years of combat has had no real expectation of air to air combat (although DACT and the aggressor community are going strong). I suppose North Korea could once again be posed as the threat, but really a war movie would be a a massive fiction, whereas during the Cold War the possibility of a CBG getting into air combat was more of a likely event (and the film was meant to show the real possibilities that naval aviators faced everyday).  Any kind of rogue enemy as a threat could easily make this film fall into an Iron Eagle sort of fantasy.  At the very least, they should have made this film around 2005, having the retirement of the F-14 and an aging pilot be the center of the story.  I just really don't see where they can realistically go with this film.

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This may be good for Val Kilmer. He's had some health issues and perhaps this movie can help him get back into shape or at least in better shape and hopefully help him continue recovering from his cancer.


Plot wise I found this...


"Cruise's character is now an instructor exploring a world of drone technology, fifth-generation fighters and the end of the era of dog-fighting"...







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13 hours ago, xavi84 said:

I’d much rather watch a shot for shot Archer remake of the original Top Gun than whatever steaming dog turd TG2 will inevitably be. 


Lana, Lana,Lana.....LANA‼️ Danger Zone😁


Love it 😍😎


Miss the classic Archer.


Mr.Happy (In name only) 

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I am of the opinion that despite this being "Hollywood", the claimed desire to avoid unnecessary CGI will mean that even though the story may not be all that, we're still getting F-18s and F-35Cs on a big screen in super high resolution and with all the best sound our local theater can offer.


This is not a bad thing guys.

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