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Help wanted re. old modelling scale plans

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Ok, a bit of backstory - my dad got some old modelling scale plans - 1942/1943 vintage, German (A Stuka rubber flying band model, a Schnellboot and a submarine).


He's thinking of selling them, since he won't be using them, but has no idea what they're worth. Can anyone here give us an idea or at least point us in the direction where we might find out?


Thank you!

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An idea might be to look at plans prices here, https://clevelandairline.com/default.aspx


Cleveland Model & Supply Company, the oldest, continuously-operating model airplane plan company in the world, was founded in 1926 by Edward T. Pachasa (later Packard). Mr. Packard started the business with his four brothers, his mother and father in their residence and a converted barn near West 57th Street and Bridge Avenue, on the west side of Cleveland Ohio.


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