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1/72 Agusta A-109BA conversion set

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Hi guys,


Recently completed a 1/72 Agusta A-109BA conversion set for the Revell kit.

Here are some pics of the masters and the resin parts.



Landing gear mod, original Revell on the right.




Chaff/flare dispenser.




Completed masters.




The resin parts.




Box Art.






E-mail: scaleworx@yahoo.com

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8 minutes ago, troschi said:


Here you go: http://www.dacoproducts.com/KDCD75.php

I was actually asking if the kit included any decals like some of his kits do.....By the way, your link doesn't work but i found them on the Daco site.... 

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Looks a nice conversion for a dog of a Revell kit. 


You could easily convert this to a civil Agusta A109C with sliding doors.


I am amazed that no one has made a AW109E/S in 1/48, the market could be there for the US Coast Guard machine, it wouldn't be that hard to reproduce the airframe as the NewRay metal desktop models are nearly accurate and look the part. Just thinking out loud 🤔😈


Nice conversion though, from a company who loves to fill the gaps in helicopter modelling.

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