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Friday vs. Sat at Abbotsford Airshow?

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I'm hashing out my plans for this year's Abbotsford Airshow and was considering the Friday twilight show vs. Saturday, but I can't figure out if Friday is a full show or not.  Seems like crowds would be less, but that all the performers might not have arrived yet....Has anyone gone to Friday shows?



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I used to attend the Friday daytime shows for their smaller crowds. They were my favourites. 

I attended one Friday evening show for work and was disappointed. From my point of view it wasn't a full show. The light can be nice for some photographs, but otherwise I found it fell short of my expectations. It reminded me of a carnival rather than an airshow -- if that makes sense.


Bill Inglee  

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I'd go with Saturday.  Some aircraft only fly in on Friday so not all the exhibits are there all day and not all the flying performances take place.  It is a short day, and the evening show, while worth seeing once sometime, is not as spectacular as I had envisaged it would be.  So if you have a choice, go on Saturday.

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I’m from Abbotsford and have been to the air show every year since I was four in 1979. I always go all three days as well as book holidays for the arrivals and departures. My wife calls air show week my “Christmas”. 


Regarding your question about which day would be worth going to. Why not go to both? A single adult ticket is $25 or you could get a three day pass for an extra $15. This gives you the chance to experience the unique and amazing twilight show and you could then choose to go either Saturday or Sunday as well or even all three days if you wish for only $40. The weekend pass also works well if the weather on one of the weekend days doesn’t look good allowing you to choose between Saturday or Sunday which weather looks better. 


Hope this helps



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