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Your recommendations to fill in this space

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Hey all, I'm building my 48th scale RQ-4b and I noticed in my reference photos that the main gear oleo is actually filled in.  It is modeled by Stealth Models with an empty space as shown in the picture below.  This is a small part, so I'm not convinced that putty is the best solution to fill the gap. 


What are your recommendations?



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Maybe you can fill in with Testor's clear cement or similar PVA glue to make a thin film and once is dry add some more to adjust the thickness, this way you also get curved corners if it doesn't work you can wash it off and try what WDW suggest.



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6 hours ago, wdw said:

Rather than filling it in, I'd make a replacement piece out of the appropriate thickness styrene sheet.

Indeed. Why muck about with water soluble fillers for several hours when styrene sheet will fill the bill in 20 minutes.

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