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F-14A VF-154 Black Knights Op Iraqi Freedom (1/48 Hasegawa)

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This is my latest built,

The classic hasegawa kit but with additions.

Cockpit AIRES with PE details from Eduard.

Afterburner sector AIRES with Hasegawa exhausts

Brassin AIM-9


Blackbox PTID and Lantirn stick in the cockpit

Master pitot and AOA

Part of FighterTown decals and Hasegawa Decals

Antiskid above the inlets is from HB Body Texture Spray.

Gunze paints for the main TPS pattern

Antiglare HATAKA Laquers paint

Model master final finish varnish Flat Laquer

Feel free to have any mentions













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She looks awesome, nice job !




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The model is nice, but it feels like the photos aren't doing it justice. Turn off the flash, and consider more lights. Two clipon work lamps from the home improvement store will go a long way, and not break the bank.


I'd really love to see some more photos of this, because even with these photos it looks like a really nice job.

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Awesome looking Tomcat!! 


I really need to build one. Too many beautiful builds of this fantastic aircraft this last time.


Congrats! :thumbsup:





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