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Project Mercury 1/12 Scratch Build

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John Glenn’s “Freedom 7” Spacecraft  was restored by the Cosmosphere in Kansas a few years ago. When the work was completed, a full 360 digital photo was taken, the first such documentation of the historic craft. Although I visited Friendship 7 at the National Air and Space Museum, an astronaut mannekin was in the seat, blocking much detail. The new images inspired me to create a super detailed display model, destined for some museum, somewhere- sometime in the future. The MRC Atomic City Project Mercury in 1/12 scale is being used for templates, but very few parts from the kit will be used. Most parts will be scratch built from styrene and brass...bubble gum and baling wire.


Once I discover how to post photos...they will go below!



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I'm curious to know what kind of Bubble Gum you'll be using ... and Welcome to this forum on ARC, Dougritt.


I will assume you're aware of, and have seen, Astrozoic's 1/12 Mercury that he did a few years ago.


To post pics, you'll need to use a 3rd party service, flickr, Imgur or something. I use Fotki, but it's a paid service. Most of us used Photobucket till about a year ago when they changed from a FREE service to asking for $400 USD a year ... so we all were forced to find other services. Photobucket has since reduced their fees substantially, but I for one, on principle, refuse to give them my business again.


Once you find a Photo sharing service, you will post your images from there, to this, or any other, forum.


I hope to see your pix real soon. If you have any other questions, just fire away!



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