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OOB RF-4B Hasegawa 1/48

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Oh I like this! I like this kind of finish a lot more than the method that is currently en vogue. Care to share a few words of how you painted it, and with what? 

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Grab a chair...and some popcorn:


First the kit direction call for a Gull Grey over white scheme, found that to be wrong with online searches.  Entire aircraft is gull grey, yeah for me...less painting.


Entire model was sprayed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 black.  Put down a nice thin even coat for me to build on.


I used an old MM bottle of gloss gull grey ...bad idea.  Thinned it with Mr. Levelling Thinner and it sprayed fine.  But....wait for it, it didn't dry.  The grey stayed tacky, even after blasting it with the hair dryer and hanging it above my basement de-humidifier for two days.  I was bummed. 


Finally I took out the Mr. Color clear and sprayed a few thin coats of this gloss over the kit, and finally I had a rock hard dry coat to handle the model.


After that is was just find a nice grey-ish panel line wash from my collection (I don't use straight black or real dark washes...too stark).  I had done some rescribe work during construction with the PLW in mind.  It worked as designed.  I sealed that up with a satin acrylic coat, and tried a little oil based weathering on the belly and the topside aft of the flap area. Worked out OK.  These birds were pretty clean from the online references I had...so I kept that in mind the entire time.


Big thing I learned was decals and final coats.  With the panel line wash and limited weathering complete...I was going to leave it in the semi-gloss/satin finish.  Problem was I could still see some of the decal carrier film on most of the model.  I debated what to do.  I finally bit the bullet and pulled out the flat ALCLAD aqua and sprayed the decals and selected areas.  The flat coat completly blended the deals in and carrier film was gone.  Looks like they are painted on now.  I would rather be lukcy than good at modeling...luck was with me.  I kept the drop tanks and some other areas in satin, but the rest got a thin flat coat.


The End.  

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2 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Fantastic Phantom - looking simply superb and the miliiput seat belts have just the right look and feel




Much too kind a complement from you, especially after that stunning F-14 build I followed. Amazing work. 

I think sometimes less is more. I work with a USMC former F-4 RIO that says I am pretty close with this build. He says the RF-4’s were always kept pretty clean except for the areas on a Phantom you just can’t keep clean. He also said they always flew with fuel tanks and still outran their standard USMC B/J/S Phantoms. 

Thanks to all for commenting. 


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Nicely done, and  congrats on crossing the finish line.   I do like your homemade Milliput seatbelts, as they certainly look quite good. As for your silvering issue, glad that the Mat coat did the trick.  


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