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The Carpet Monster is not that bad after all...

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Tell me about it.  And I always lose the tinniest piece that took me ages to scratch build.  As I get older and my eyesight worse, the carpet monster has become more aggressive.  Does not help that the rug under my work table (our kitchen table) has a multi-colour pattern, with the main colour being the same grey as model styrene.

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Try finding wee bits that have dropped onto a grey painted concrete basement floor that is badly chipped, scratched and flaking with my old eyes. Always a challenge.




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I recently dropped the prop hub of the Revell 1/32 P-51D and couldn't find it anywhere on the 

carpet.  Now that part is large enough to be able to see quite clearly on the carpet but nada 

anywhere.  Spent a couple of hours looking for it and finally gave up for the evening.  A bit

later my son stopped by and I told him about it.  He helped me look and then he looked

down and said "there it is".  The darn thing had never hit the carpet, it was in the top

of my shoe under the shoe tongue.  So beware of parts eating shoes.



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