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Hello all and thanks for stopping by!


My first entry into this Group Build will be Revell's 1/426 USS Arizona. The kit was first released in 1959 so it's quite seasoned :rolleyes:. This release is more recent though but the parts are the same as her elder/original issue:



I plan on just having some fun with this build, a walk down memory lane if you will. I built a few of Revell's and Monogram's ship kits back when I started out modeling and the bug to build some of these classic ship kits has bitten me badly recently! She will be straight OOB with the exception of rigging, a new base, and possibly aftermarket flags


A quick start to clean up flash and nasty mold seams:


Part of one of the two tripod masts...notice the seam:



The two scout aircraft (it is ARC after all right...we must have some aircraft:thumbsup:). Sink holes and flash abound:




Nothing sanding sticks and a bit of Tamiya putty can't fix.


The kit is showing her age. Flash and/or heavy mold seams everywhere. But I guess we all get a seam or two as we age huh...LOL! Anyway, tonight will be seam and flash cleanup with tomorrow being porthole opening/drilling and assembling the port and starboard hull halves. 


Thanks again for stopping by. Comments, suggestions, opinions etc are welcome throughout this build.


Good luck to all GB participants!





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Is this the model with the solid plastic railings? I vaguely recall building it as a kid. I remember walking into a KB toystore with my mom, and walking out with a ship (I think it was this). 

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Indeed this kit has molded on rails. They can be removed and replaced with PE if the builder chooses. But I get enough of that on my 1/350 ship kits and I want to keep this simple and OOB. For its age its really not that bad. An odd scale mind you but not a bad kit. Should be fun.


Cheers guys thanks for stopping by!



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Some progress to report. I drilled out the portholes along the port and starboard hull sides...approximately 230 of them:doh:. Then I assembled the two hull sides. This is the most dreaded assembly stage for builders of this kit. Reason being the two halves don't fit that well and if you don't get a good level fit horizontally then your deck(s) will have a noticeable list to one side or the other (this is why most ship builders prefer port and starboard hull sides coming molded as one rather then separate pieces). Here she is primed:



Now I'd like to say that I devised some ingenious jig or mathematical equation to tackle this step, but all I did was mate the bow sections together nice and flush with a combination of super glue and Testors glue, then repeated that step at the stern. I now knew my deck would sit flush and true and then went about gluing the lower hull in 1/4" sections with the super glue/modeling glue combination.



I then reinforced the inside with liquid cement, super glue, and strips of Evergreen plastic (she's a strong joint):




It doesn't look pretty on the inside but none of that will be seen. Besides, my work yielded a pretty nice looking seamless lower hull in my opinion:



The prop shafts and rudder have also been assembled and attached. Fit here was fiddly and I need to give a couple areas some attention with filler.


But its been fun thus far.


Next up will be working on the two tripod masts (a little worried about the fit of those), deck assemblies, turrets/guns, and aircraft. That and figuring out the camouflage...a heated topic among Arizona aficionados.


Thanks again all for looking and commenting.



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Very nice to see it in progress. 

I have Mike Ashley's old How To Build Ship Kits (or whatever the title) book. He builds the Arizona kit within, and has a few photos of things along the way. I can look through it for you to see if there are any useful answers to questions that might come up. 

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Thanks guys! Your comments are much appreciated. Also thanks for the offer to check on references for me RKic:thumbsup:! Again, much appreciated. I picked up a copy of David Doyle's USS Arizona Squadron At Sea book. WOW! Filled with pictures and info on the Arizona that I had never seen or heard before. It starts with her keel laying in 1914 and follows her career all the way to December 7, 1941 and right up to the state of the memorial site as of 2015ish. 120 jam packed pages of photos and info... must have for any Arizona modeler or anyone interested in the ship.


I  should have an update tomorrow fellas.


Thanks again and regards.

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Alright fellas, I have a few update photos to share. So far the build has been going pretty well, especially for a kit that's fast approaching 60 years of age.


The funnel/stack:



The funnel consists of ten parts. It went together quite well but needs a little cleanup here and there for sink marks in the searchlights and a slight seam on a steam exhaust pipe.



Here are the Arizona's four main 14" gun turrets (ignore the tiny rain drops on turret two... second from the left in the photo :rolleyes:):



The aircraft catapult has been attached to turret 3. BIG seam lines down its upper and lower length! But nothing a little elbow grease couldn't take care of. Notice the float for one of Arizona's scout planes already attached to the catapult.


Here is the main mast. It consists of SIXTEEN (16) different pieces that all need to align. Not an easy task.



Yes, it looks kind of rough but it was a real bear to get together... and keep in mind it's almost 60 year old model design.




Lastly the beginnings of the deck:



This is just the very early stages. I intend to add at least one more shade of deck tan and a wash. Not stellar but its a start.


Thanks all!



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This is looking great Don, I realised I have an old Revell Tanker kit in the stash and a Coast Guard Cutter as well. I might look at building one of those for this GB. I haven't finished a ship in years.


You are making this old kit look like a newly tooled one that falls together!

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I almost prefer these o-o-o-old kits. ( I wonder how many of the ARC members are younger than this kit!  ...  :hmmm:  :whistle:

What impresses me most is the skill of the patten makers and mold makers ... all ... done ... by ... hand-

Plus, the little inaccuracies make the build-part of the model-making process, fun ... for me.


I'm doubly impressed by the lack of a seam down the hull ... great stuff Don!



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Thank you Pete! I completely agree with you on the design and engineering of these old kits. Its amazing what they accomplished with what they had back then. In many ways they are more accurate then kits today designed with the aid of computers and such. And like you said any inaccuracies are part of the charm of these older kits. I cut my modeling teeth on old Revell, Aurora, Frog, Monogram, Lindberg, and Airfx kits. So they hold a special place in my heart.



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I built a USS Arizona model in the late 70's, don't remember which kit is was, but it was my first ship model. I distinctly remember it having a "ballast" issue in the bath tub, I worked on it day and night so eager to see it float!

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Hey Don. Nice progress on this. I've been contemplating breaking out my copy of this kit as well and relive the past. I've got the Tom's Modelworks photoetch detail set for it and thought about detailing it out a little. I'll be following this build for sure. So far so good!



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Thanks Bill! Honestly, have a go at this kit. For its age its quite good...tricky in spots...but enjoyable. 


A smallish update fellas. I've spent the last week working on the flag bridge and fore mast:


What you see here is no less then 23 individual parts. For a subassembly that could easily fit on the top of a beer can that's quite a few parts! That and they all need to align and run true to avoid listing to port or starboard or fore and aft:


Assembly wasn't difficult but I strongly suggest slow setting cement to allow for sufficient "play time" to adjust and align everything:


I know it looks rough in the pictures gents. But please bear in mind the age of the kit and the fact that virtually every part needs flash cleaned up and sometimes fit adjustments made. Still...I am having a blast building it!


What's up next? I need to sort out the upper camouflage color so that I can order the correct Tamiya color(s). The debate over the correct color of the Arizona in late 1941 continues to rage on. Personally, I intend to paint mine as seen in my signature below because from what I've read it makes since for her to be reprinted in the "new" US Navy camouflage standards after her major refit in January 1941. But for the life of me I cannot find a Tamiya grey similar to what can be seen in my signature (thoughts anyone?).  In the meantime I will spray the underside anti-corrosion red and the black boot top whilst I await the grey camouflage paint to arrive once I order it. I will probably get a start on my second build for this group build as well...not yet determined which subject right now.


Again, thanks all for looking, commenting, and encouraging. It is much appreciated!




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Nice! I did open mine up and played with some of the mast's fit just to see what I'd have to deal with. Oh my that's a bear! You did a great job on it. Keep up the great work!




BTW, I hope I'm not distracting from your build with this, but I do have a research question. On the model it has all of the area below the flag bridge rear as open from one side to the other inside the arched entries. Is that in fact how it was or is there some superstructure inside that area that's not modeled in the kit? Just curious since you can't really see inside there in any of the photos I've seen, but it's pretty prominent on the model.

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Hello Gentlemen,


Not an update on build progress but a quick note to say that I am away from my Arizona to set foot on a different battleship...



The second Iowa Class Battleship built and the longest...so I just learned...USS New Jersey BB 62.


Beautiful ship!




So while I won't have a build update for a while for my Arizona I am still technically doing research for another model so I am still modeling... sort of LOL!


This view is pretty powerful...



I got some great shots of the Phalanx system, Tomahawk and Harpoon launchers... getting ready to tackle my Tamiya 1/350 BB 62 this winter.  Anyways, just thought I'd share. Good luck on your builds fellas!


 Regards all!



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