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1/144 U-wing Set (out of box)

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When it comes to Sci-Fi, I’m more of an anime guy than anything else. I grew up watching Astroboy, Battle of the Planets and Robotech. There’s always been something about the realness and completeness of Japanese designs and the universes they inhabit that inspire me to build plastic models of them.


However, I am also interested in Star Wars, and have become more so in the last decade than I was before. Thankfully, during this time, the number of quality kits from the Star Wars franchise has grown, and the old MPC offerings have been truly put out to pasture. Most recently, Bandai has begun to market very nice, gorgeously moulded kits of some of the designs from both the classic and newer movies. These take the Star Wars modelling experience to the next level, and I felt I should at least try one to see what they were like.


Of course, I chose a rather odd example: the 1/144 U-Wing/Tie Striker set! Despite being small and simple to build, this multi-kit set is a pretty nice piece of work.  Check it out below!





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I found the same experience with their X-Wing /  Y-Wing set. Molding and engineering were top notch, but the "decals" were just stickers... (Thanks again Nick for the assist). The U-Wing is on my 'to-do' list, and I'll be purchasing it soon!


Thanks for the look-see!



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I'm still saddened that Bandai, with all it's unrivalled abilities, still hasn't gotten it's house together when it comes to providing proper decals on these kits. 


Now, the U-Wing also has water decals... did the X and Y wings not? That's lame, if that's the case!


Hope you got one, and are enjoying it. It's a neat little beast!

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