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Monogram 1/48 F-104C Starfighter

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I am going to attempt this build. My history is not good at this...




When I got serious about building models, at the age of 18 in 1985, this is the kit I built. I did the "NMF" finish because it was easier to do. I filled the seams with Squadron Green and sanded them with woodworking sand paper. No surface detail and deep, deep scratches. I sprayed it with Testors Silver and hit it with Dullcoat. Without masking the canopy. The exercise was a thorough lesson in what not to do. But, this kit started a long term love affair with the Starfighter.


I picked up this kit at CoMMiESFest a couple of years ago for $5. I figure if I do this one OOB, I might be able to get it done in 6 months.






Artemis approves. "If I fits, I sits."



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Same here, but my cat just craps near my models. Hardly encouragement. Nothing wrong with wood working sand paper. I still use it (for the really rough stuff.)

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So, after a bachelor party, a birthday party, and a wedding, I finally got some time to do some modeling this weekend.


First things first. I want to thank the designer who thought it was a good idea to put the copyright on an external surface.



Easily eradicated.29709865758_f59b2fe129_b.jpg


Ejector pin marks removed from the cockpit tub.



Cockpit areas painted MM Dark Gull Gray and engine areas primed.41772458020_ac534f693d_b.jpg






Trying something different on this build. I glued the control stick in, then painted. I figure I can brush paint it on the next step.



Tip tanks assembled. They need to be checked on the seams and sanded.





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I never built the Monogram zipper. I think it is the only one of their Century Series that I missed. It's really cool to finally get a chance to see it in action, as it were. 

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You can do it! I struggled with this kit a few years ago, finally just went for it and didn't worry about panel lines and stuff like that, bashed it into an F-104S for a little Tiger Meet our club had. She still sits proudly in my collection!:thumbsup:



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I built this one a little over a year ago. I had trouble with the seam between the upper and lower fuselage halves. I had to sand away quite a bit of the model in the process., but it does really look nice when complete.  You are off to a good start,  please give your cat a pat on the head from me.

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Holy crap! What a week! The photos below are from last Saturday.


I broke out the paint brush and the Tamiya paint and worked on the cockpit.





The IP installed.



And into the fuselage.



I said in another thread that I need to up my cockpit game. Any pointers for practice?


The engine is airbrushed Alclad Gunmetal. I wanted to test something I want to do on my 1/32 Italeri F-104C, which is to mix interior green with Alclad Aluminum since the engine tube is a metallic green. Sadly, I am out of enamel interior green and all my money is going to my son's wedding. First World problems.




I did glue the fuselage halves together but haven't gotten a picture of it. I also installed the gun bay door. It fit very badly and I have to decide how hard I want to work on fixing it. I am hoping to work on it tomorrow.





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Nice choice, I had this kit but pantographed down to 72nd scale. I was going

to do it as a Vietnam SEA camo bird, never got finished. Will be watching, always

liked "the man in a missile".---John

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Life is a little less crazy. #2 son is married, projects wrapping up at work. A little more breathing room.


Fuselage halves and gun bay door.



Making a template for fixing the gun bay door.



You can see how inset it is.29185944557_10f8e69dbf_b.jpg

I am thinking of scratching this out of .005" sheet and making the bump out of half round stock.


Prepping the seam for putty. I tried out Vallejo Plastic Putty as I learned the hard way Perfect Plastic Putty has a service life. 😞





Putty removed. I used Qtips dipped in Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. The perfect putty is my Holy Grail.





Sanding the seam on the wing tanks. Looks like crap.






Last night's work -

I had test fitted the tail section with the burner can mounted to the engine. It doesn't slide on that way due to the depth of the speed brake wells. So, it has to be painted and assembled.


Mr. Surfacer 1200 as a primer.



Alclad Steel. I love Alcad!



Oops... Going to have to sand, reprime, and repaint. Also, I was hoping the burner can would hide more of the seam.



And attached.





I want to get the cockpit finished so I can install the canopy and get ready for priming. I was wanting to paint the electronic bay cover a darker gray than the cockpit tub.



Oops! I grabbed the flat gull gray instead of the Euro I gray. Repaint.





Ejection seat glued in.



The CoMMiES build and bull is today, so more work on this.



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Yesterday's work -

First, I knocked down the seam in the tail section. I need to fill the seam over the burner can still.



Putty, putty, putty...







Nose installed and top of instrument panel painted.



I did the gun bay door as well. This is nothing like what K2Pete is doing on his Gemini, which is just stunning. I'm learning and practicing.

Pattern placed on the sheet stock and cut out.





The piece in place. 



I trimmed and sanded to get it to fit a bit better.



I tried to scribe it to make it look a bit better. I used Dymo label tape as a guide.



I replaced the bulge on the door with a piece of .060" half round strip.



I have a business trip to Phoenix this week, so I will probably be back at this Saturday.





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I have been working on this, just not posting photos. Until today.


Canopy pieces after dipping in Future.



HUD in place.



Got the canopy glued on, but I managed to get a glue booger on it.



Sanded and polished.



Fresh coat of Future. I have no idea what caused the flecks. I wiped the canopy down with some Polly-S Plastic Prep. I wish Testors still made that.



Frame out the canopy masking.



And done.



I masked off the wing tips for the fuel tanks.



Horizontal stabilizer and ventral fin installed and puttied.





I am going to try Kurt's black basing process for this model. I always like to try at least one new technique on a model.


More work today!





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On 9/23/2018 at 11:32 AM, airmechaja said:

Do you feel as though we should all in this GB own stock in putty companies? I went through a pound on my Lawn DART! :coolio:

Yes. When I built the Monogram F-104 TobiK called it the "putty zombie", but I was pretty lucky with the F-84F.  My theory is that Monogram kits with top and bottom fuselage halves are the putty monsters.


But to keep it on topic, nice work with the seams. 👍

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I am moving at a glacial pace on this! GAH!


I masked off the refueling probe location. I wish they would have put locating pin holes that could be opened up on the back side. 



And the canopy frame color...



I am going to paint the intake trunks Alclad Polished Aluminum. To start, I black based the parts with Tamiya TS-14. I love this stuff!



I am using Acryl paints for the camouflage and I am worried about how they will stick, so I painted Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black on the spikes.



I discovered that a stock Eclipse is not a Sotar. Big surprise.



The second coat.



Overspray. Drat.



I think I mentioned earlier I am using the Italeri instructions for a paint guide. I just checked them and they call for the intake trunks to be flat aluminum. That will make cleaning up the overspray easier. Once I get the intakes done, I can move forward on priming and painting the model.





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