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Monogram 1/48 F-104C Starfighter

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12 hours ago, airmechaja said:

Which GB?



Not actually on a GB right now. Doing NCC-1701A all lit up.......Then a Revell 1/32 Phantom (or a couple 1/72 North Stars.) for this GB.

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Life has gotten really in the way since October... 


I thought I had more pictures on the phone of my work. They may have gotten lost when I upgraded it, too. I got the main landing gear done and the AIM-9s and launchers done a while ago. Primed the model with Mr Surfacer Black and redid some of the seam filling work. Still not happy with the seams. 


Canopy framing painted, intakes installed and masked, and ready for priming.



AIM-9s and main landing gear assembled. One thing that was goofy on the AIM-9s was it looked like the missile umbilical was molded next to a canard. While this would be accurate for an unloaded missile, the umbilical is covered with a fairing when installed. Scrape and sand.



Primer down.39957690033_cf525bd500_b.jpg


Tip tanks and accessories primed.



Smaller bits primed on the sprues.



No work last night as we were celebrating my youngest son's 18th birthday.


I will keep working and posting. There has been some amazing work here.





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Still plugging away...


Ready to paint the bays Alclad aluminum.



Trying to paint the mains at the same time as the bay didn't work well.











I was having airbrush trouble and I was out of aluminum. Interesting fact - when Alclad bubbles in the airbrush, it leaves a lattice of metallic particles. New needle should be arriving today.





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She be done. Finally. I learned the hard way that Acryl was a poor choice for a black base marble coat. I couldn't thin it down enough to do the work effectively. I did return to the build as part of the CoMMiES Project UFO. The only aftermarket part is a W and D pitot tube. The original ended up being a sacrifice to the carpet monster. The W and D part is stainless steel and looks pretty good on the model.


It is hardly a perfect build, but it will look good on a shelf. Just don't look too closely.





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