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Wash DC Hobby Shops?

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Sadly at this point most of the hobby store are gone.  There is a local chain called HobbyWorks, they have two locations in suburban Maryland, but they are both pretty far from Andrews.  It has been over 10 years Since I have been to the Rockville store, but it was really nice back then.


There is a really cool shop that is mostly focused on Radio Control in Chantilly, VA called Hobby Hangar. They do have some plastic kits but the last time I was there the selection had shrunk.  However if you have even a tiny interest in Radio Control, it is probably has the largest selection of Radio control cars, Planes, helicopters.. and whatever else can be  a radio control model.


Piper Hobbies was the place to go for plastic models, but it has been gone for just over a year now. ☹️

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On 7/20/2018 at 10:52 AM, Falcon053 said:

I'm going to be TDY to Andrews AFB next month and was wondering if there are any hobby shops in the DC area worth visiting? Thanks,



Duane, the hobby shop scene here, kind of sucks. 

The closest thing to Andrews will be Star Hobby, which is just off of State Highway 50, just before you get on the Bay Bridge. 
They're mostly a train store, but they do have one very well stocked aisle of models. Mostly airplanes, and a pretty eclectic mix. I've seen everything from A-Model to Zvezda, down there. Lots of Academy, Hasegawa, Hobby Boss, ICM, and Trumpeter. 

There are two Hobby Works stores left open. The one in Laurel will be closer, but I don't know what their selection is like these days. Last time I went, it had become essentially a toy store. The one in Rockville occasionally gets some interesting stuff, but it gets snatched up quickly. Check the online catalog before going. 

A kind of interesting place is Hobby Hangar in Chantilly, VA. Its not far, but because of DC traffic, it takes a while to get there. Its mostly and RC store, but they have a long aisle of almost exclusively Hasegawa kits. Prices are kinda meh (because Hasegawa...), but I have been able to get some hard to find stuff there, like the F-111. I also got a 48th scale RF-4E for a song. 

Further afield are the Denby Hobby Center in Newport News, and the Hobby Surplus Outlet in Staunton. Both are great, but kind of far. If making a day trip into the mountains, check out the Staunton shop. 

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Thank you for all of the information. We got word we will be staying in Alexandrea, down in Old Town I guess. So it sounds like Star Hobby might be the closest and easiest to visit. If I get a chance, I'll try to get to the others. Thanks again!



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Star Hobby 

564 Whitehall Road
Annapolis, MD 21409
Bay 50 Shopping Center
(410) 349-4290


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sundays & Holidays: 12pm-4pm
(call first to confirm)


Let me know when you go I would love to tag along I work at JBAB as a fireman.  



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