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Thanx airmechaja, phantom and southwestforests ... this build is almost done ... just a few more hours to go.

But the "Retinal thing" is just a matter of time ... sooner or later, I hope much later, the vision is gonna go bye-bye ...



I started foiling the Adapter. I used Rubber Cement, 2 sided, to adhere the gold material to the styrene.





... and just some touch ups to go on this ... the AMU has been installed too.





The decals will be a combination of the kit's and Rick Sternbach's 'Space Model Systems' decals





The corrugations on the crew module will take some effort to get the decals to settle into 'em ...





... a little gentle persuasion ...





... and they settled very nicely!




With this kit being over 50 years old, it's still really nicely detailed!


I've got a few smallish things to get done, but they will take time ... but I've still got 3 days!  :whistle:



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I've run into a minor, but time-consuming snag ... I still haven't been able to get a vac-form pull for the visor, and have an email in to Evergreen to ask about their styrene sheets, and wouldn't you know it, the guy responsible is off for the week. So the Astronaut out for a walk, the diorama aspect, is delayed


So, temporarily, I've made a visor out of Milliput ... I wrapped another figure with Parafilm and molded the Millput to the head.





The Spacecraft, with open hatch, decals, antennae and Clear Flat coat ... is done.









With the Astronaut on EVA but without the Oxygen providing umbilical line ... yet.





The accompanying ATDA ( Augmented Target Docking Adapter ) was scratch built 10 years ago, and the Gemini, done at the same time, was sold to a collector, so the main reason for this build was to get these two paired up again




I'll finish this up real soon ... hoping I get the darn vac-former to work!



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Holy crap!!! Thats awesome!


Dont forget to add a couple photos to the finished builds section.  That way your eligible for the draw.  Amazing participation in this GB is not guaranteeing a prize, but you never know!

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Many thanx airmechaja, admiralcag, dnl42 and Southwestforests ... thanx for sticking around on this build.    :thumbsup:


phantom, thanx! You've done a stellar job as a moderator on this GB! ... and I shall post a couple pix on the Completed Builds folder after this ...



So I've had to make the visor out of Milliput, here I'm just trimming it after waiting for 14 hours for it to be workable ...





The Umbilical line was a piece of insulated copper wire that I wrapped First Aid tape around ...





... then had to figure out how to fix it to the EVA astronaut ........ that Milliput visor doesn't look too bad ...  :woot.gif:





... and except for one small part that fell off during photography, it's DONE ... and just under the wire too!





... the part that fell off you can see on the Umbilical, it's a Tether Guide that affixes to the aft end to prevent tangling on a Thruster ...






This was a genuinely FUN build ... and I spent about 3 months on it. I had a few weeks of down time waiting for drill bits and then some vision problems and then a bad Chest Cold wherein I couldn't work on this ... but, I'm pretty chuffed with this!


Thanx guys for all your comments ... they're most appreciated!


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That Milliput visor is most excellent, particularly that glossy surface!


Superlatives are sounding trite by now. This is an outstanding example of craftsmanship.

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Thanx dnl42 ... there are flaws however ... one is ... some of Revell's decals, issued with a 2011/12 re-release of this kit, silvered and I didn't notice it till I sprayed on the Flat Coat ... I'm still gonna try to fix 'em up though.


Thanx again!


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As good as it looks finished it is almost a shame to cover up all those details you put into it.  It is funny to me that I have seen a million pictures/documentaries of this capsule but I never really looked at it until I was following along with your build.  Those were some brave/crazy men to squeeze into that little thing and get launched into space.

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